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About Junk Removal Everett WA

​Everett WA Junk Removal has been consistently providing top-quality and efficient junk hauling, removal and disposal services in Everett and other nearby areas. We are committed to serving our customers with all their junk removal and disposal needs, a goal that we have always worked the hardest to achieve the very day we opened our doors. 

We offer a variety of waste removal services for both residential and commercial clients. No junk is too small, too big or too complicated for us. From removing and hauling your furniture pieces and removing your carpets to detaching, hauling and deposing your hot tubs, we have the necessary tools, equipment and know-how to do the job right and to get it done fast. 

We take pride in our team of specialists and experts who have specifically undergone the necessary training to get the job done right. Junk removal isn’t just simply the disposal of your junks and other unwanted stuff. We understand how big an impact we may have to the environment. This is why we take the necessary steps to ensure that every junk removal job we take on meets the specific legal and environmental requirements based on the item that is being disposed of. 

Our services are carried out by professionals who are licensed and insured. More importantly, our prices are competitive. Transparency and consistency are crucial guiding principles of our operation. There’s a reason that we have remained one of Everett’s top-recommended junk removal services— and we intend to keep it that way.

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