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Mattress Removal Everett WA

​Mattresses, like any item inside your home, will have an expiration date. Over time, they will sag and will no longer be able to provide the necessary back support you need when you sleep. If you’re planning on getting rid of an old to make space for a new mattress, it is time that you give us a call at Everett WA Junk Removal for help.

Big and cumbersome, mattresses can be a challenge to dispose of. Most places won’t even allow you to just leave it at the curbside so it can get picked up along with your other trash. If you are looking for eco-friendly and hassle-free solution to your market removal and Everett scrap yard needs, we are the name to call.

We have been in the service for years and we have properly trained and highly experienced mattress removal professionals who will take care of getting rid of your unwanted mattress for you. We do want to know ahead of times if your mattress has bed bugs. This is important so we will come up with the appropriate plan on how to pick it up and dispose of it. Then choose your most convenient schedule for pick up and expect us to get there on time.

More importantly, we understand how important it is to properly dispose of your mattress without causing unnecessary environmental implications. We take the time to recycle any part that we can as most. If it is still in peak condition, we will be more than happy to haul it to the nearest recycling facility. Call us today for a mattress removal service that is environmentally responsible, efficient and tagged with reasonable fees!

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